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How To Use Fuel Energy

Fuel Energy, gives “better than new” engine performance – improved horsepower, better engine sound and fast accelerations rate. Check out how to increase your engine performance.
FUEL ENERGY provides the most comprehensive fuel treatment available and allows the use of lower octane gasoline with no decrease in engine performance. For you to enjoy these benefits without using FUEL ENERGY, you would have to buy the highest grade premium fuel available, spending 20–30 percent more per gallon, with multiple individual additives.


Double-dose the first 4 to 5 treatments. (One 15ml bottle double-doses up to 20 gallons or 76 litres.)
Afterwards, 15ml bottle will treat up to 40 gallons or 151 litres of diesel, gasoline, or bio-fuel.

Example of how to use Fuel Energy:

15ml bottles treats up to 151 litres of fuel/diesel however for the first 5 times treatment, 2 bottles which is 30ml treats 50 litres of fuel/diesel or 1 bottle which is 15ml treats 25 litres of fuel/diesel. For example, if you decide to use it in your car tank, generator or any other tank that uses fuel or diesel, for first time usage, use 1 bottle to treat 25 litres of fuel/diesel and keep using 1 bottle for 25 litres till 5 times and if you decide to treat up to 50 litres then use 2 bottles 5 times. This is to enable the product get use to your engine before starting the normal use of 1 bottle to 151 litres of fuel/diesel.


Fuel Energy may be used in the following:

  • Generators
  • Power Plants
  • Trucking Fleets
  • Farm & Agriculture Equipment
  • Refuse Service
  • Plumbing Service
  • Electrical Service Fleet Engine Equipment & Vehicles
  • Military Equipment
  • Railroad Industry
  • Mining Equipment & Industry
  • Shipping Ocean, Sea Vessels, & Cruise Ships
  • Shipping Ocean Freight Vessels
  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Automobiles
  • RV’s
  • Boat & Marine
  • Motorcycles
  • ATV’s
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Racing
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Small Engine
  • And so much more!