Compensation Plan

Our compensation plans consist of 5 ways to get paid:



Distributor sales are the foundation of Fuel Energy International. A distributor can earn between 35-50% profit for a direct sale to Wholesalers, Retailers and End Users.


A wholesaler buys direct from our distributors who in turn sells to the retailers or end users. A wholesaler earns between 25-35% profit from sales.


Retail sales are for starters who wish to become a wholesaler or distributor in the near future. They can start with as low as $50 to $500 buying direct from a distributor or a wholesaler. They can earn up to 15-25% profit from sales.


By referral program we mean if an individual knows a company or an independent distributor who can use his/her network to distribute our product in a particular location. Our referral program attract up to 5% of the overall order of the referred distributor.


You can chose to become our freelance marketer by advertising our product and raising distributors, wholesalers and retailers for us and earn up to 5% of all order from all your contacts. All you have to do is give your contacts a special code and tell us same code to show that they are from you.


Invest with us and earn monthly profit of 5% of your investment.