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Fuel Energy International is a USA based company with the aim of promoting green environment and enhancing the efficiency of plants and machinery. Fuel energy was introduced to Africa, Asia, Europe and The Caribbean by Vic Syl under the management of Fuel Energy International with the aim to reduce pollutions caused by plants and machines of big companies and most vehicles on the roads. Until recently, Fuel Energy was only available in large bulk containers. However, it is now packaged in small containers for the average person to be able to afford as well as the business community. Fuel Energy is on the “cutting edge” of fuel technology with a world class laboratory. Apart from increasing combustion efficiency of both diesel and gasoline engines there by reducing smoke emission also helps get value for your money, Fuel Energy reduces fuel consumption and increase the operation hours/ distance covered by plants and machines/ vehicles. Fuel Energy products are manufactured with over 59 years of experience and history, providing advanced fuel solutions and improving the performance and reliability of fuels for users such as: Rail-road Companies, Marine Vessels, Major Utilities, Power Plants & amp; Generators, Mining Equipment, etc.

Our Story

Fuel Energy International is a USA based company which has been in existence over the years but started operations in other countries on the 7th of February 2014 under the management of Fuel Energy Florida-USA, Imo/Lagos-Nigeria, and Benoni-Johannesburg.
Our offices are also located in these three countries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to circulate our product across the nations of the world while ensuring that the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is being expanded through the profit yields from the sales and also to empower those who have passion in helping the less privileged of various countries of the EARTH.

Mission Statement