Lower Fuel Consumption

Fuel Energy lowers fuel consumption rate, giving you an improved fuel mileage of 10% or more. Save money from now on. It is even “better than money in the bank”. Try fuel energy and save more.

Improve Engine Performance

Fuel Energy burns more of the available BTU’s in the fuel,resulting in better performance.

Our Fuel Additive Will Save You Money!

Fuel Energy gives better engine performance, improved horsepower, better engine sound and faster acceleration.


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Prolongs Engine Life

FUEL ENERGY lubricates your engine, creating a longer engine life and reduced wear.

Reduced Exhaust Emissions

Fuel Energy works to reduce emission by 33%. It completes combustion process, cleans injectors and fuel system thereby giving a cleaner running engine which is better for the environment. Read what our users are saying.

Prolongs Stored Fuel Life

FUEL ENERGY permits perpetual storage of fuel/diesel

Drives Better

Drive in peace knowing your engine is in good hands.


Fuel Energy International deals directly with sole distributors of each country however, a distributor can choose to handle as many countries as possible as long as the distributor meets our Monthly Target for each country. The distributor ensures that Fuel Energy is tested and approved in the country or countries he/she is in charge of. Distributor agreement is signed by our company for the distributor after his/her first order.


A wholesaler/Retailer deals directly with the sub-distributor and he/she controls the cities and sell directly to the end users however, if a distributor decide to engage the services of sales representatives, he/she totally cut off the services of a sub-distributor and a wholesaler/retailer and controls the entire country including selling direct to the end users.


Companies (Transport Companies, Oil Refineries, Marine Companies, Mining Companies, Construction Companies, Rail-Road, Agriculture, Companies Using Generators, E.T.C) can buy product directly from our company but in a country where there is a distributor, companies buy direct from the distributor.